Golf Course Condition Update – May


5th May, 2017

Course Condition Update

Greens Report – May 2017 Edition 

Course Superintendent – Cameron Dunn 


  • 22mm of rainfall during May thus far. 
  • We are starting to experience both cooler day and night temperatures with soil temperatures also decreasing quickly which subsequently lowers growth rates of turf surfaces. 


  • All greens lightly groomed prior to Woolooware cup to improve ball roll and to promote new growth. 
  • NPK fertiliser applied to enhance growth and colour. 
  • Kelp product applied to assist in root development 
  • Preventative fungicide applied to all greens 
  • Small areas on practice putting green, 5 11, 15 cored, seeded and topdressed to promote new growth in some bare areas where weeds had been sprayed. 
  • Walk-behind mowers being used twice a week, they require more labour but provide a neat cut. 
  • 12th green seeing continual improvement and we are continuing to perform light work on it as it recovers.  
  • Demo of Air2g2 machine on 8/5/17. It is new technology that injects compressed air directly into the soil below the turf to allow gas exchange and also to break up compacted layers of soil below the ground. A trial was conducted on 5th, 12th and 15th greens. Results will be monitored over coming weeks and could be an option to incorporate into future maintenance programs. 


  • Growth has slowed significantly on the teeing areas and we have now reduced to mowing them once a week.  
  • Liquid fertiliser application applied to tee’s to provide growth and colour. 
  • 4th and 18th tee seed has germinated well and we will be carefully managing these surfaces throughout the winter. Many trees are in close proximity to these tees so there is minimal sunlight as well as a lot of tree roots under the teeing ground fighting against the turf for water/nutrients. 
  • Unfilled divots are being topdressed with sand every week to help promote better recovery during cooler months when Kikuyu growth is at a minimum. 

Fairways and Surrounds 

  • Fairways and surround continue to be mowed twice per week and will remain so until growth rates significantly reduce. 
  • Debris is being removed from these areas on a weekly basis via a turbine blower to provide a neat appearance for all players. 


  • All bunkers sprayed with liquid fertiliser to promote growth and retain colour. 
  • All bunkers trimmed and weeded prior to Woolooware Cup with bunker faces also being smoothed. 
  • Weekly hand removal of Poa annua weeds in bunker faces being completed. 


  • Minimal watering on course during the past few weeks with one fertiliser being watered in briefly and a few known dry areas on greens have been hand-watered.  
  • It has been good go have some relief from watering after the hot and dry summer we endured. 
  • Continually monitoring moisture levels in the soil of greens on a daily basis to determine if any supplemental water is required. Evapotranspiration rates are lower at this time of year therefore less water needs to be applied. 

General Information 

  • Drainage trenches installed at back of 12th green to assist in catching Quote being obtained to improve drainage of 5th fairway on the eastern side of the creek. 
  • 18th tee bark area re-mulched 
  • 11th tee weeded and mulched. 
  • New tree plantings being installed along Gannon’s Rd fenceline as part of council works in preparation for existing trees to be removed along fenceline and new fence to be installed. 
  • 13th tee garden weeding and mulching has commenced 
  • Tree removal on 8th fairway due to storm damage affecting two trees, has been cleaned up and mulch piles at 10 and 18 scheduled to be cleaned up 17/5/17. 
  • Needle-tining of greens scheduled to be undertaken on 22/5/17 to assist in improved airflow, gas exchange and improved infiltration rates leading into winter. This procedure causes very minimal disturbance to the playing surface and all greens will be rolled immediately after being aerated.  


  • Photos below of 3rd and 17th greens taken 18/04/17 – also 2nd green and surrounds taken 22/05/17




Cameron Dunn

Golf Course Superintendent
Woolooware Golf Club